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About Gladiator

The Gladiator requires the hybrid nature of the Duelist a step further, having a mixture of speed, energy, and protection. The Gladiator performs nicely with dual wielding or one-handed weapon and shield combinations. The class provides possibilities to build on applying bleed, enhancing the player's blocking, and enhancing Endurance and Frenzy Charges. Champion In Poe 3.7 Ascendancy Changes

The Gladiator is receiving a new notable to support the gladiator-themed Blood and Sand skills but isn't winning any other significant changes at this point. The Champion is receiving some minor improvements, and the Juggernaut remains unchanged other than a damage and area buff to his Unyielding passive.

Gladiator Builds

List the Path of Exile Gladiator Builds.

Relatively cheap, Non-Meta Gear Poe 3.10 Gladiator Bladestorm Build

[POE 3.10] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By eznpc] - Mar,20,2020

Poe Cluster Jewels are a new way of modifying the skill tree. They are a better version of the Historic Jewels. Instead of relying on RNG to get the desired mods, you can now use crafting. This opens up a vast array of possibilities. As you can see, there are a lot of them that can be useful to us. Don't forget, though, that getting those nodes requires skill points, so you will have to remove them from other nodes. For now, This Build not going to modify the skill tree.

POE 3.10 Gladiator - Cyclone, Block Impale, League Budget Build

[POE 3.10] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Mar,07,2020

Welcome, exile. This is my first POE 3.10 guide and first post on the forum. This build is a cyclone gladiator block impale build guide. With this build, you can facetank all content in the game. This build will cost around 1 Exalted to get it working, to get in the +10Milions shaper dps, will be needed more investment.

Freezes Everything Poe 3.9 Pyroclast Mine Saboteur Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,18,2019

This Build uses at league starts until you get your gear up and running for Icicle. The clear on Pyro is sub-par, but the single target is second to none, and it will help you get over the boss hump early on. Pyroclast Mine > Trap and Mine Support > Swift Assembly > Conc Effect > Combustion > Fire Pen. Early on, you may want to use Pyroclast mine as your boss killer and then swap out full-time for Icicle once you have the damage.

[PoE 3.9] Easy to play Galvanic Arrow Shadow Saboteur League Starter Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Dec,17,2019

Path of Exile Shrapnel Shot now comes with two additional projectiles, giving a close-range focus to the Skill. It also has added lightning damage that grows as the gem levels. Be very careful with rare enemies with reflective aura, the damage done is extreme and you can die, Eznpc Builder died one time. Do not use the cone damage to kill, just the arrow.

PoE 3.9 Great Single Target Split Arrow Duelist Gladiator Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By monstahz] - Dec,05,2019

The build is very defensive, fast clearing as well as being relatively budget. Offensively, on a budget, you are looking at around 1M single-target DPS, with the potential to rise to 2-3M+ with new currency and changes. At level 89, This build has 6k Life, 20k Armour, 24% Dodge, 77/76/76 resistances, Blind, and a lot more other defensive layers. With the +6 arrows from Split Arrow, +2-3 from the helm enchant, and +2 from Arborix, the AoE coverage is great for this build.

[POE 3.9] Fast, Funny and Effective Puncture Gladiator Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Dec,03,2019

The build is fast, funny and effective, and it's decent also in delve (at 430 tho, not sure can go deeper) the bleeding damage is fantastic - we got around one million for stack - but the point is: it is amusing. We had to run Uber Elder with the Rain of arrows instead of Puncture cause we couldn't survive the pain of my laptop. Still, all video gives at least the idea of the build.

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