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About Pathfinder

The Pathfinder's focal point is her flasks, which she can improve to grant more offensive or defensive bonuses. The Pathfinder is a versatile class; her tree permits employing each spell and attacks correctly, and any harm sort (elemental, physical or chaos).

Pathfinder Builds

List the Path of Exile Pathfinder Builds.

POE 3.10 Pathfinder Build - Caustic Arrow, League Starter / Friendly Budget

[POE 3.10] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By u4npoe] - Mar,09,2020

Hello everyone! This is my first build ever posted in POE 3.10. Caustic Arrow is a great skill to use as a league start, or for doing the most difficult of content! This build albeit relatively cheap to start, min-maxing has no end. You can check on the Cospri version, the sky is the limit. While being really flexible, it can't be considered beginner-friendly. As you rely on Caustic Arrow's active mitigation against spells, you require some game knowledge to make the difference between physical burst abilities, spell burst abilities, and composite ones

High Damage Poe 3.9 Ranger Pathfinder Pestilent Strike Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,13,2019

Pestilent Strike is the best melee skill in the game atm. For Pestilent Strike is an actual melee name locking Skill that has secondary debuff similar to the Infernal Blow, which explodes enemies and deals secondary chaos damage to the surrounding enemies based on the amount of poison damage that primary had on itself. This and Pathfinder's poison proliferation will result in a chain reaction that can wipe out whole lanes of monsters and bosses caught in it

PoE 3.9 Great Single Target Scourge Arrow Ranger Pathfinder Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By u4npoe] - Dec,05,2019

with this build, you will be leveling with Toxic Rain as it is super smooth. After leveling, you can switch to Scourge Arrow. Important! The gems we are using for Toxic Rain leveling are not all the same as we will be using after we migrate to Scourge Arrow. Check the end of the Gem Progression section for details.

PoE 3.9 Fast Clearspeed Physical Conversion Bowyer League Starter Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By Enahkra] - Dec,03,2019

Phy's conversion bowyers were once the most overplayed meta build in all of POE; pretty much every veteran of the game can recall the pre 3.0 days of Signal Shot CI instant leech build dominating the meta. Sadly, with nerfs to Vaal Pact, Vinktar, Reach of the Council, etc. this archetype has since faded into obscurity, at least in temp leagues. The ultimate guide about Phy's conversion bows that I could find hasn't updated since 3.3. This Build uses a bow with great physical flat damage and converts all of it into cold damage.

POE 3.8 Ultimate Poison Venom Gyre Pathfinder Build

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By u4npoe] - Sep,20,2019

First I want to say that build is heavily inspired by Mathil's Viper Strike build from 3.7 leagues. I liked it very much and wanted to push it to the next level. If you liked Mathil's poison build, wanna run like a maniac and clear like an autobomber but also delete bosses you will like this even more because it has 2x damage with superior defenses. On top of that, it's ranged. He did a great job by scaling that build the right way. I didn't publish my guide for Viper Strike because making mandatory 2 gem swaps was too much hassle.

POE 3.8 Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Build - T16, UE, Beginner's Guide

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By u4npoe] - Sep,20,2019

This build is designed to run fast and clear maps safely. It summons storm brands that shock, freeze and trigger our herald to clear massive packs of mobs both on-screen and off. With Brand Recall we can pull the brands with us to a new screen, clear it AND extend the duration of the brands themselves. It has good single target for map bosses because if 2 brands attach themselves to the same target, it increases the damage each brand does by 50% more damage.

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