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Eznpc-builder is a long time Path of Exile player. In this Page, you can find Eznpc-builder Create Poe Builds for Each Path of Exile League.

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Eznpc-builder Is a Long Poe Player

Poe Duelist Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Duelist.

Poe 3.9 Metamorph Slayer Cyclone Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Slayer] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,19,2019

That is an Impale Cyclone build that can also play as Bladestorm. It works with every duelist/marauder ascendancy apart from Chieftain. It can also play with 2handed or other weapon types with a few changes on the skill tree. This build allows for some pretty cost-efficient options, as well as being viable with low investment and has infinite room to improve damage and survivability. Since Cyclone hits fast, it can be hard to sustain mana only through leech.

Freezes Everything Poe 3.9 Pyroclast Mine Saboteur Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,18,2019

This Build uses at league starts until you get your gear up and running for Icicle. The clear on Pyro is sub-par, but the single target is second to none, and it will help you get over the boss hump early on. Pyroclast Mine > Trap and Mine Support > Swift Assembly > Conc Effect > Combustion > Fire Pen. Early on, you may want to use Pyroclast mine as your boss killer and then swap out full-time for Icicle once you have the damage.

Poe 3.9 Champion Lancing Steel Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Champion] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,13,2019

This Builds with a Shattering / Lancing Steel character into the league. This build is based on Shattering / Lancing Steel as a primary skill. Eznpc Builder uses Champion to increase the Damage of enemies taken as much as possible and use the Herald of Purity to support our Damage. With the natural tackiness of Champion, this build should be stable!

Poe 3.9 Duelist Champion Lancing Steel build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Champion] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,11,2019

In Poe 3.9, Lancing Steel has a base attack time multiplier of 85% (from 80%). deals 135% of base damage at gem level 1 (from 130%), up to 180% at gem level 20 (from 175%). Grants 1% increased Impale Effect per 1% gem quality (from 1% chance to Impale per 2% gem quality). This Builds with the new passive tree reworks for the champ; you can get even greater damage.

Poe 3.9 Duelist Slayer Blink Arrow & Scourge Arrow Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Slayer] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,09,2019

Blink Arrow is an attack that fires an arrow, upon reaching the destination teleported there, and a clone summoned at your previous location. THAT IS NOT A BUDGET BUILD! However, you can easily make this better than the Resolute Technique build without having to spend much more. this build work is to alt spam for just the double damage mod and imprint -> regal -> annul until left with only the double Damage on rare base.

Poe 3.9 Duelist Champion Tornado Shot & Barrage Build

[POE 3.9] [Duelist>Champion] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,07,2019

For everyone saying the build didn't get nerfed, you are wrong. We lost a 200% more multiplier because the whole league there was a bug that caused the fork to make barrage and tornado shot to hit a mob three times instead of one with each attack. The +2 to +1 tornado shot helm change kind of sucks because you could craft +1 Tornado shot helms on a budget.

Poe Marauder Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Marauder.

Poe 3.9 Tanky Juggernaut Molten Strike Build

[POE 3.9] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,13,2019

In Poe 3.9, Molten Strike has strengthened. Now Molten Strike deals 120% of base damage at gem level 1, up to 139% 20 (from 130%). Eznpc Builder wanted to try Molten Strike for its single busted target. The ancestral call makes clearing bearable. This used to be a chieftain up until 3.7. Post-MS nerf, I decided to go super tanky and check how to dps is. The dps is excellent. For Weapons Well rolled Nebulously. Good synergy with JUGG make sure your fire res is capped when using these. The degen hurts.

Poe 3.9 Scourge Arrow Bow Marauder Berserker Build

[POE 3.9] [Marauder>Berserker] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,06,2019

Poe Scourge Arrow is a channeling bow skill. Channeling the Skill charges up an arrow that creates spore pods as the Arrow travels when released. his time, Eznpc Builder will be utilizing the strengths of elemental conversion and penetration, along with the massive leech bonuses that Berzerker gains, to nearly become immortal as long as we are leeching. That, along with up to 8k life and millions of damage, makes this build completely insane against all content.

Poe 3.9 Herald of Agony Bow Marauder Juggernaut Build

[POE 3.9] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,06,2019

PoE Herald of Agony is a herald skill gem. it grants Virulence and summons an Agony Crawler minion, which becomes stronger with far more stacks of Virulence. Herald of Agony, it can quickly deal 500k dps without much scaling at all. All you need to do is keep the Virulence stacks up, and all is good.

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Poe Ranger Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Ranger.

High Damage Poe 3.9 Ranger Pathfinder Pestilent Strike Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Pathfinder] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,13,2019

Pestilent Strike is the best melee skill in the game atm. For Pestilent Strike is an actual melee name locking Skill that has secondary debuff similar to the Infernal Blow, which explodes enemies and deals secondary chaos damage to the surrounding enemies based on the amount of poison damage that primary had on itself. This and Pathfinder's poison proliferation will result in a chain reaction that can wipe out whole lanes of monsters and bosses caught in it

Poe 3.9 SSF Lightning Arrow & Scourge Arrow Deadeye Build with Tabula Rasa

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,10,2019

This Build can have a pretty good budget version, especially with ele wand and ele bow. Wand version would love that essence, only crit gloves. Eznpc Build think people would greatly appreciate a league-oriented budget version of it (5l, no vinegar, cheap wand, no rats, malis, etc.). It could be even taken to 100, but you would have to invest in different mana reservation setup, like grace + curse(s), for example. 5k life with this setup won't cut it, and character will die eventually form many reasons in maps

Poe 3.9 Cheap to start Ranger Deadeye Elemental Hit Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,09,2019

Poe Elemental Hit is an attack skill, executing a primary attack that deals with added damage of a random element in an area. Elemental Hit can be performed with any weapon, or with no evidence equipped. In This Build Elemental hits damage mostly scales itself, it mainly scales with gem levels, so you don't need too much % damage to explicit endgame content comfortably.

Poe Shadow Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Shadow.

Poe 3.9 Atziri's Promise ARC Saboteur build

[POE 3.9] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,21,2019

While this build is excellent for racing and league starts, it is not a tanky build. You will have to adjust your playstyle if you have a habit of running into the middle of packs. You should ALWAYS lay down a set of mine before you advance. If you see monsters in front of you, detonate your mines. The mines trigger AoE range will still be in variety so you can kill the pack of monsters slight ahead of you.

Poe 3.9 Trickster Essence Drain Build With Witchfire Brew

[POE 3.9] [Shadow>Trickster] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,18,2019

The choice between the two abilities comes down to personal preference, and some enjoy to cast Essence Drain and spread it by having a Contagion cast before you use ED. However, we felt that the approach of using Bane was smoother, faster, and honestly, better in all ways.

High Dmg Output Poe 3.9 Shadow Saboteur Arc Build

[POE 3.9] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,14,2019

The range at which Arc can chain to another enemy is now 35 units Now. This Builds one of the most potent spells in the game, Arc, with mines. There are several benefits to using tunnels with Arc rather than self casting or with totems, some being the fact that they have a much higher dps output, and you aren't stunning yourself while casting for nearly as long, but Eznpc Builder will go into that later.

Poe 3.9 Shadow Assassin Discharge Build

[POE 3.9] [Shadow>Assassin] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,11,2019

In Poe 3.9, Poe Discharge No longer has a target limit (previously limited to 30 targets). This build uses Kingsguard for heavy 'life leech,' but this means that we need to gain power charges from something other than Volls reliably. To do this, Eznpc Builder uses double with '#% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike,' along with a lvl 20 Power Charge on Crit support.

Poe 3.9 Shadow Assassin Puncture Build

[POE 3.9] [Shadow>Assassin] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,09,2019

In Poe Metamorph League, Shrapnel Shot is called Galvanic Arrow, making the Lightning theme more obvious and differentiating the Skill from the new Shrapnel Ballista. This build clears and walks extremely fast, and you could remove a whole map with less than 20 times of you casting your blade vortex. You could remove Maps with ease, just cast and walk, then you already completed the Map. The only thing that will slow you is picking up items

Poe 3.9 Shadow Trickster Caustic Arrow Build

[POE 3.9] [Shadow>Trickster] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,07,2019

Poe Caustic Arrow is a bow attack that fires an arrow dealing with chaos damage and spreading caustic ground. Trickster also has some enormous DoT damage boost in the Ascendancy, which works well with CA. All these combined results in probably the safest character we ever played with moderate single target damage and impressive apparent speed.

Poe Witch Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Witch.

Poe 3.9 Metamorph Occultist Vortex Build

[POE 3.9] [Witch>Occultist] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,19,2019

Poe Vortex is an instant cast, cooldown based aoe spell that causes an initial small hit and then a cold DoT for its duration. Eznpc Builder are trying to get everything out of this DoT to pretty much melt the maps. We're supporting the skill with Cold Snap, which generates us Frenzy Charges, Frost Bomb, which drops enemies cold resistance and orb of storms/ball lightning/storm brand, which helps us proc our Elemental Overload. Being an occultist causes cursed enemies to pop in satisfying purple clouds and help us clear.

Poe 3.9 Necromancer Summon Raging Spirit Build

[POE 3.9] [Witch>Necromancer] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,18,2019

This build is not getting nerfed nearly as much as Eznpc Builder expected. Losing a bit of damage and minion speed, forced to reach level 21 Raise Spectre now to get our fourth Spectre, that's it. The monster armour changes shouldn't be a big deal based on our current understanding of how much armour monsters have.

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Cheap & Fully SSF-capable POE 3.9 Arc Witch Elementalist Build

[POE 3.9] [Witch>Elementalist] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,13,2019

Poe Arc is among the five harm types and is among the three classes that count as an elemental damage spell that creates a chaining pulse. In Poe 3.9, The range at which Arc can chain to an additional enemy from 25 to 35 units. This Build offering new players an approachable build with no quite a few restrictions, and that comes using a compromise. So with all that stated, please quit rating Selfcast Arcs viability depending on this Build when it's not even meant to be one of the most min-maxed Highend Selfcast Arc build, to start with.

Very Good Single Target Poe 3.9 Witch Necromancer Frenzy Build

[POE 3.9] [Witch>Necromancer] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,09,2019

Poe Frenzy is an attack that grants frenzy charges on hit and also gets massive bonuses from them. Frenzy is not the only skill that allows frenzy charges, but it is an excellent way to build them quickly. Originally Eznpc Builder started with Carrion Golems, and the build was high, not going to lie. The only issue was it was still a bit laggy sometimes. So Spectres sounded like my best bet, and Slave Drivers are super easy on performance as they have just one pure middle-range skill.

Poe Templar Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Templar.

Poe Scion Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Recently Added for Poe Class Scion.

Tanky Poe 3.9 Ball Lightning Ascendant Build

[POE 3.9] [Scion>Ascendant] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,18,2019

In this Scion build using Mjolner/CoC/ball lightning. This build can clear maps fast, deal with insane damage, and is tanky. Overall, this build is robust, and Eznpc Builds can recommend it to anyone who has some Poe currency (like ten Exalted orbs). It would be best if you had Watcher's Eye with an "ES on hit" mod for this build. The other Zealotry mod "increased critical strike chance against enemies on the consecrated ground" is optional, but it gives you a huge DPS boost. This kind of WE was fairly cheap (2-4 ex) before I wrote this guide, but now it's much more expensive.