POE 3.8 Pathfinder - Herald of Agony + Toxic Rain Build Guide

By u4npoe - Views: (3435) - Sep,20,2019

Build Summary

In POE 3.8 league, This build is like any attack hit. It's pretty low damage since it's only 50-72.8 of base damage. Lasts 1 second by default and does chaos damage over time. However! , it can be scaled with Increased Duration and Skill Effect Duration, as well as Concentrated Effect and a lot of different gems like Swift Affliction and Efficacy. Last the most interesting cause it does around 60 to 80% of our damage Explosions do area damage hits and, of the cause, scale with your weapon damage.

Build Items

Build Stat

  • 6161.21
  • 3.85
  • 7.25
  • 13.97
  • 1
  • 100
  • 23692.31
  • 15896.7
  • 1200.72
  • 21999.61
  • 103302.51
  • 436828.46
  • 37
  • 227
  • 111
  • 483
  • 212
  • 126
  • 125
  • 6799
  • 178
  • 6799
  • 100
  • 182.49
  • 544.96
  • 1127
  • 46
  • 101
  • 8.96
  • 23.7
  • 104.25
  • 20.28
  • 162.21
  • 19
  • 6029
  • 135
  • 61.5
  • 61.5
  • 728
  • 48
  • 6
  • 2.3
  • 40
  • 30
  • 75
  • 39
  • 56
  • 48
  • 6
  • 3
  • 3
  • 3
  • 3

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Build Description

This build is like any attack hit. It is fairly low damage given that it really is only 50-72.8 of base harm. Lasts 1 second by default and does chaos harm over time. It's also quite modest and is around 15% of what caustic arrow does. Having said that! It might be scaled with Elevated Duration and Skill Impact Duration, also as Concentrated Effect along with a large amount of distinct gems like Swift Affliction and Efficacy. You will need about 1.5-2 APS to begin reaching the numbers of your CA. Nature's Reprisal pathfinder ascendancy also increases the AOE of pod DoTs and explosions. The level of attack speed and longer duration of pods considerably improve the DoT aspect of Toxic Rain. The amount of pods you have got at once also can scale DoT harm as they'll overlap each other and stack.

Last probably the most intriguing lead to it does around 60 to 80% of our damage Explosions do region damage hits and, in the cause, scale together with your weapon harm. At the identical time, these hits also can apply poison and overlap one another, making chain-pod poisoning explosions. The level of pods around the ground is only restricted by your attacks per second, pod duration and more projectiles.

Herald of Agony is another new 1, a Minion Herald ability gem! Toxic Rain is all new skill gem introduced in 3.7 Legion League. It is a cool toxic, poison version of Rain of Arrows with 3-phase harm.

How does the Herald of Agony function, generally?
1) Herald of Agony is actually a new, Minion Herald gem.
Herald reserves a component of one's mana and provides you improved poison harm also as high possibility to poison.
After you poison an enemy with Herald active you summon an Agony Crawler scorpion and start gaining Virulence. Your Crawler is usually a MINION which does projectile and region attacks. So he scales with all type of attack damage also as generic minion harm and physical+chaos harm. Crawler also scales directly with Virulence stacks. You might want to retain hitting enemies and poisoning them in an effort to sustain these stacks, and it's only achievable with rapid attacks, higher opportunity to poison and decent mobility to chase monsters around. Any time you lose all stacks your crawler vanishes. Master Toxicist Pathfinder passive straight helps to help keep Virulence stacks up!

+decent AOE
+great single target damage without Barrage or Elemental Hit
+great clear speed with usual high Pathfinder mobility
+permanent flask uptime
+no need to PIERCE heavily, like in CA setup
+45-65% dodge
-Still pretty squishy as relies mostly on acrobatics and Evasion. Leech is there, but now very high as it's flask entirely
-stacking Virulence is harder with slow bow
-mana issues are there because of high APS
-111 INT required for proper gearing


1. Nature's Boon
2. Nature's Reprisal
3. Master Toxicist
4. Nature's Adrenaline


Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Gruthkul