POE 3.7 Berserker Important Build - Oni-Goroshi Infernal Blow Detailed Guide

By u4npoe - Views: (2240) - Aug,02,2019

Build Summary

Welcome, exile. Do you like an explosion? Do you primarily play melee construct? Do you choose playstyle of a hit once hit challenging? For those who answer yes to any of these queries then this may very well be anything you trying to find to play.

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  • 592229.98
  • 3.89
  • 72.4
  • 92.38
  • 4.69
  • 100
  • 2301405.72
  • 17018.13
  • 2301405.72
  • 17
  • 20
  • 440
  • 191
  • 100
  • 100
  • 72
  • 70
  • 7594
  • 195
  • 7594
  • 100
  • 212.63
  • 2430.08
  • 610
  • 110
  • 18.03
  • 15.7
  • 122
  • 558.36
  • 465
  • 24
  • 50
  • 50
  • 13779
  • 152
  • 80
  • 1.54
  • 77
  • 76
  • 76
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  • 41
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Oni-Goroshi Infernal Blow VS Tier 16 Maps & Guardians

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Build Description

Welcome, exile. Do you like an explosion? Do you primarily play melee construct? Do you choose playstyle of a hit once hit challenging? For those who answer yes to any of these queries then this may very well be anything you trying to find to play

Speed, far more damage and defensive recovery. Although Chieftain may perhaps appear just like the clear ascendancy candidate for this construct, Berserker provides something far more versatile with mana leech, immediate 1900+ life recovery with two seconds cooldown, Rage buff on hit as well as a lot far more. Aspect of Carnage provides 40% far more Damage with a drawback of having 10% enhanced Damage taken. It's the highest harm multiplier from a single passive within the game.

War Bringer can heal 25% life and mana immediately with two seconds cooldown generating it valuable tool according to what sort of challenge you facing. It really is really helpful against Chimera's smoke phases, Uber Elder, Labyrinth's traps and Delve's darkness. Not to mention utilizing Enduring Cry as a warcry of option also boosts defensive capability considerably.

Crave the Slaughter grants the develop the ability to acquire Rage on Hit and enables the use of Berserk when fighting endgame bosses. Flawless Savagery increases important strike possibility for attacks by 80%, +30% to essential strike multiplier and it adds 20-30 flat physical harm when you've dealt essential strike recently. As we regularly deal essential damage, the uptime really should be higher. Discomfort Reave solves the mana leech problem and grants 25% Attack Speed when hit. It also boosts +1300 Life Leech/On Hit Price totaling to 2000 with present setup.

+ Satisfying melee playstyle
+ Surprisingly very durable
+ One strike to blow pack of monsters
+ Great mapper and boss killer
+ Built in 6-link weapon
+ Weapon can be used from level 2 to endgame
+ Capable to do all endgame content
+ No gemswap
+ Flexible gear choices
+ Did I mention explosion?
- Negative resistance mod, elemental weakness mod map is dangerous
- No leech or regen mod is doable but annoying
- Cannot do elemental reflect map mod
- Not a beginner friendly
- Not cheap but not expensive either

Pain Reaver - Crave the Slaughter - Flawless Savagery - Aspect of Carnage/War Bringer

Save Alira for +5 mana regen, +15% elemental resistance, +20% critical strike multiplier

Major God - Soul of Araakali
Minor God - Soul of Ralakesh


1. Before you start new character, get Goldrim if you don't have it already. Also get Wanderlust for immunity to Freeze.
2. Get Molten Strike gem from Hillock quest, use it with Ruthless. You can use Oni-Goroshi starting level 2. If the degen too much to handle use Cleave instead.
3. Upon completing The Tidal Island quest, take Quicksilver flask. Add Onslaught, Chance to Bleed and Ancestral Call Support. Remove Ancestral Call if you use Cleave.
4. After Breaking Some Eggs quest, get Blood and Sand, Ancestral Protector, Steelskin and Dash. Use Sand Stance.
5. Next get Leap Slam, Added Fire Damage and Precision.
6. Take Infernal Blow from The Siren's Cadence reward. Use Infernal Blow > Ancestral Call > Added Fire Damage > Ruthless > Onslaught > Chance to Bleed (you don't need Melee Splash). If mana cost too high, remove Chance to Bleed/Added Fire Damage.
7. Around this time you should be around level 15-20, get Atziri's Foible. It is a great leveling amulet that can reduce stats requirement and will greatly boost your max mana and regen.
8. Next get Herald of Ash for Intruders in Black quest reward and buy Flesh and Stone after The Root of the Problem. Remove Blood and Sand from your setup. Use Sand Stance for Flesh and Stone.
9. After Sharp and Cruel quest get Faster Attack support and link it with Leap Slam and totem together. So both skills benefits from one support. Buy Melee Physical Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks and Close Combat, link it with Infernal Blow.
10. Upon completing Siosa's quest, get Fortify support as reward(optional). Infernal Blow > Ancestral Call > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Close Combat.
11. Get Ancestral Warchief as reward for Sever the Right Hand quest and replace it with Ancestral Protector.
12. Get your cwdt setup when you met the gem requirement. Remember not to overlevel them more than required. Replace Steelskin with Immortal Call.
13. Use Bismuth flask if you struggle with resists, Granite Flask helps alot in early level. Make sure you have Bleed removal before going in Labyrinth.
14. You don't have to go it right away after you completed required Trial of Ascendancy. Most players will usually overlevel their character before going. As for Cruel and Merciless difficulty, complete them before act 10 Kitava.