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About Duelist

The Duelist is Path of Exile's strength/ ability hybrid class, creating him unmatched at dealing and avoiding damage. He can effectively use a shield but is equally comfy slashing away using an effective two-hander or fighting with weapons in each hand. His highly efficient arms can draw the strings of the most massive and most lethal longbows. His very honed reflexes give him a cat-like capacity to dodge and parry incoming attacks, be they arrows or Axe swings. The Duelist is a daunting foe, and his reputation as a ruthless killer is deserved efficiently.

Poe Slayer Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Most Popular for Poe Class Slayer.

POE 3.8 Popular Tectonic Slam Chieftain Build Friendly Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Slayer] [By u4npoe] - Sep,28,2019

In POE 3.8 Blight league, Chieftain will have higher top-end damage, which tbh doesn't really matter much in this age of billions of dps. However, if you're looking for a build that exploits the TC - Valako interaction, this is the place to be. This build is a good choice for fire-based attack builds tectonic slam in particular because of the node Valako, Storm's embrace. It gives up to 15% more damage based on endurance charge consumption. TC consumes endurance charges.

POE 3.8 Barrage & Impale Tornado Shot Champion, Strong, Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Slayer] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

If you're looking for bow build that may be significantly larger in defense although still possessing insane harm this build achieves just that. This build guide requires you by way of what to acquire and when to acquire it, it's just about the most efficient leveling path that you can take. Passive trees are posted around the google doc for what I recommend for leveling. This build pushes the limits of defense and DPS that a bow build can reach. It can be conveniently the strongest build I have ever league started as along with the tankiest bow character I have ever played.

POE 3.8 Reckoning Cyclone Gladiator Build - Strongest Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Slayer] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

This build is just let them kill themselves! No need to press anything, not even the flasks! This is probably the craziest build I've done during the Legion. Expected to be a meme, but turned out to be super strong against everything. The reckoning has been there for a while, but it has never been as strong as it is now, with all melee and accuracy as well as flat damage buffs.

POE 3.8 League Starter to Shaper, Spectral Throw Slayer Build - Cheap, Fast, Fun and Tanky Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Slayer] [By u4npoe] - Sep,23,2019

This is a guide to my Physical ST Slayer. It is a perfect league starter, can be used in SSF and scales to do all content in the game. It is a lot of fun to play as it is fast and tanky, has good clear speed and easily destroys all bosses. The guide is very detailed and probably contains answers to all your questions so please read it first before asking.

POE 3.8 How to Play Lightning Arrow Slayer - Beginner Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Slayer] [By u4npoe] - Sep,23,2019

This Guide is always WIP as im playing LA every league not exclusive though. I'll add stuff from time to time. Its a pretty default softcore bow build using the generic offensive and defensive slayer perks and some abyssal/league specific items. That bow builds, in general, tend to be a bit harder as a league starter. If you want to play a bow char anyways you can try my build and I'll try to help you through the leveling by answering questions and providing some of my experiences.

POE 3.8 Scourge Arrow and Rain of Arrows Cold Crit Slayer Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Slayer] [By u4npoe] - Sep,23,2019

In Poe 3.8, This is my first guide and I am excited to share what I have been playing since the start of Blight league. This is a Scourge Arrow Slayer build that focuses on stacking physical, cold and elemental damage. I currently have 60% Phys to cold conversion and enough DPS to melt down all content.

Poe Gladiator Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Most Popular for Poe Class Gladiator.

POE 3.8 Dreamfeather Machine, Double Strike Gladiator Build, Fast Clearspeed Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

Gladiator thanks to the bleed explosion, has an amazing game feeling, it is very rewarding. This is Bleed and a lot of damage comes from Bleed and his possession. The main statistics of this build is Evasion, which we use both as a defense and as an offensive stat, thanks to the use of Dreamfeather Sword. Additionally, thanks to Perfect Form and Cold Resist stacking, we are able to pull out 50,000+ Evasion in HO and a lot come when Increased from the talent tree works in a fight. Originally, the build was made as Bleed Gladiator.

POE 3.8 Lazy Lacerator Max Block Gladiator Build Friendly Guide

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

In Path of Exile Blight league. Do you hate moving out of stuff? Do you hate having to use Flasks? Do you like bleed damage? Then keep reading! I've designed this build to have enough tank to do all the content in the game if you're a bad player with an old PC like me. This build is the most popular Lacerate Gladiator Build. Bleedsplosions are a fun mechanic and the gear for the build is relatively cheap, but you can scale it as far as you want.

POE 3.8 Tornado Shot Crimson Blow Gladiator Build Detailed All Content Guide

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

This build capability a reasonably tanky and well-rounded character capable of tackling all the content material this game has to give. It utilizes a one of a kind mixture of Tornado Shot for map clear and two Siege Ballistas for single target damage, with bleed getting the major damaging mechanic. For the longest time bleed was inside a rough spot, a mechanic that could not be utilized as a standalone... but is it still the case?

POE 3.8 Sunderman Gladiator Build - Fast Clearspeed, Labber Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

Sunderman build is usually a mixture of easiness to play and having the ability to do many of the endgame stuff at a high-efficiency because it really is super quickly clearspeed. It's an all-round construct developed to perform your everyday stuff like mapping, delving, incursions, uber labs, betrayal, red elder and so forth. effectively. It's also super easy to manage, a total noob friendly build. Even when you haven't played Path of Exile prior to, and even any action RPG game just before, you'll have no troubles managing this create.

POE 3.8 Reckoning Gladiator Build - Uber, Bosses AFK Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Sep,12,2019

This build is likely the craziest build I've accomplished through the Legion. Anticipated to become a meme, but turned out to be super powerful against every little thing. The reckoning has been there for a when, but it has by no means been as robust since it is now, with all melee and accuracy together with flat harm buffs. Counterattacks killing points and not a meme anymore.

POE 3.8 Gladiator Sunderman Sunder - Fast, Labber, Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Gladiator] [By u4npoe] - Sep,07,2019

This build is mainly based on clearing huge packs of mobs both as fast and easy as possible, using Leap and Sunder. Attack speed on everywhere possible will make us travel fast with a leap, then blast the whole screen with Sunder’s huge aoe and Gladiator’s bleed explosion combined. Sunderman build is a combination of easiness to play and being able to do most of the endgame stuff at a high-efficiency thanks to it's super fast clearspeed.

Poe Champion Builds

List the Path of Exile Builds Which is Most Popular for Poe Class Champion.

Very Popular POE 3.8 Blade Flurry Impale Champion Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Champion] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

This really is a pure Phys impale crit champion. Because of the buffs to pure Phys is 3.eight we're totally Phys now. Impale is truly fantastic for single target. Creating this guide out of requests. Melee meta op. Reave is great for clear, does not drop all of the stacks at once and does more damage now. BF has always been one of several highest single target expertise in the game and now it has been buffed and has far more QoL. This guide is with legacy gear. Legacy abyssus and lion's roar. Utilizing normal versions won't be considerable of a difference when your dps is in shapers/second.

POE 3.8 Bladestorm + Perforate Champion Build - All Content Budget Guide

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Champion] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

In POE 3.8 changes are almost negligible to the build, only tempered flesh is affected because the Strength cluster nodes have been moved away from its range. Brutal restraints will be harder to obtain. Simple, Champion has +2 maximum impale on enemies, more added Phys damage based on the number of impaling stacks on the enemy. Banner reservation requires no mana, which allows us to run all the auras required. Pulverise got nerfed in terms of aoe, but gives a higher damage multiplier, this increases dps by roughly 20% but reduces aoe by around 25-30%.

POE 3.8 Anecstral Warchief + Blade FlurryChampion Build - Fast, Tank, Uber Elder Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Champion] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

The guide is divided into 2 sections: In the first section, I've described a budget version with all the explanations of the mechanics. You can start the league and do all the content. You easily can run all t15 maps, Guardians, Shaper, and farm currency. In the second section, you'll find an improved version of the build, with more expensive gear. You can easily run all the bosses. Even uber-atziri/uber-elder.

POE 3.8 Ancestral Warchief Totem Champion Build - Great League Friendly Budget

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Champion] [By u4npoe] - Sep,27,2019

This build includes the leveling trees & the ability to swap between the budget and expensive version of the character's gear in the items section. It is easily the strongest build I have ever league started as and the tankiest bow character I have ever played. The intention of this build is to create a cheap, simple and effective uber lab farmer. This is a monkey maker build.

POE 3.8 Winter Orb Champion - Uber Lab, Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Champion] [By u4npoe] - Sep,07,2019

In Path of Exile 3.8, if you want a build that can clear all content, not cost an extraordinary amount of currency, and have the ability to be a league starter with the ability to do all content later on as you upgrade and invest into your This build has fast movement or move skills and not have to worry about any weird issues that ruin builds for me.

POE 3.8 Herald of Agony Champion Starter Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Duelist>Champion] [By u4npoe] - Sep,04,2019

This develops was fantastic to begin a blight league with as each of the core products for the creatures are very easily accessible and also you can start leveling together with the Herald as soon as you get it. This develop can do each of the content material in Path of Exile with Little Difficulty.

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