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About Juggernaut

The Juggernaut class revolves about defenses, giving physical damage reduction via armour and endurance charges, protection against slows and stuns, and accuracy.

Juggernaut Builds

List the Path of Exile Juggernaut Builds.

POE 3.7 Juggernaut - Popular Cyclone Build - Budget League

[Poe 3.7] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By u4npoe] - Jun,26,2019

The build uses blade flurry or cyclone for both its clear and boss killing gem and it has worked very well for me ever since the changes to melee in 3.7. This will be my first successful build and I have played since Essence League so this is a huge milestone for me to be able to kill Uber Elder on my own without looking at any guides.

Good Single, Quite tanky and AoE Damage Juggernaut Build With Sweep

[Poe 3.7] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By Tartos] - Jun,18,2019

This build is usually a slow hard hitting character with a great AoE, make use of cyclone too, but we recommend not cover it because there are a lot of builds with this skill. The sweep was built with a good buff and finally found a unique melee playstyle with this particular skill: Jump, hit one time, jump, hit only once and kill bosses in few hits — this Build buffs to some melee skills with flat physical damage, Pillar with the Caged God.

High Effective HP PoE 3.7 Juggernaut Build With Vaal Earthquake

[Poe 3.7] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By u4npoe] - Jun,10,2019

Earthquake JUGG is one of the most Iconic builds in Path of Exile history. The nerfs hit the damage and AOE too hard of the cause, but it is still end-game viable, In Poe 3.7 17% Juggernaut Players Choose this Gems for Main Skill.

POE 3.7 Juggernaut - Zen's Accuracy Meatball - 2Mil DPS Guaranteed Build

[Poe 3.7] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By ESi_Spritez] - Jun,06,2019

Welcome to this Juggernaut guide for special snowflakes! This build was heavily inspired by TheSaddestSong's Hummingbird Build. Were you upset when instant leech got removed? Do you hate how slow some melee builds feel compared to casters? Do you want to flex your snowflake muscles and tell people that the way you scale damage is through ACCURACY?! Then you have come to the right place!

Very Great Uber Lab Farmer Poe 3.7 Melee HOWA Build for Juggernaut

[Poe 3.7] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By u4npoe] - Jun,06,2019

That is a HOWA Build, So need to stack as substantially intelligence as possible. Data will give us damage, energy shield but attack speed also, thanks to shaper's touch and Undeniable ascendancy perk. This isn't a big league starter Build. It is going to perform on a decreased budget, you will still have superior ES, Damage, and immunities, but definitely, the additional you may have, the excellent.

POE 3.7 Preheating- Tank AF and Carry Jugg, Melts Everything, Good DPS Budget

[Poe 3.7] [Marauder>Juggernaut] [By u4npoe] - Jun,03,2019

This build I like to introduce you to one of the strongest ever made. I utilize many different mechanics in this build so I'll try to explain them all as clearly as possible. This is my first guide so forgive me any flaws that it will undoubtedly contain, I'll try my best though.

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