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About Deadeye

The Deadeye is an offense-oriented class that focuses on projectile damage and region of impact. This Class is naturally suited for bow attacks, but the majority of its modifiers apply to any projectile, meaning most projectile attacks (which include these fired from Wands) and a few spell projectiles also advantage from them.

Deadeye Builds

List the Path of Exile Deadeye Builds.

Poe 3.9 SSF Lightning Arrow & Scourge Arrow Deadeye Build with Tabula Rasa

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,10,2019

This Build can have a pretty good budget version, especially with ele wand and ele bow. Wand version would love that essence, only crit gloves. Eznpc Build think people would greatly appreciate a league-oriented budget version of it (5l, no vinegar, cheap wand, no rats, malis, etc.). It could be even taken to 100, but you would have to invest in different mana reservation setup, like grace + curse(s), for example. 5k life with this setup won't cut it, and character will die eventually form many reasons in maps

Poe 3.9 Cheap to start Ranger Deadeye Elemental Hit Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By Eznpc Builder] - Dec,09,2019

Poe Elemental Hit is an attack skill, executing a primary attack that deals with added damage of a random element in an area. Elemental Hit can be performed with any weapon, or with no evidence equipped. In This Build Elemental hits damage mostly scales itself, it mainly scales with gem levels, so you don't need too much % damage to explicit endgame content comfortably.

[PoE 3.9] Ranger Deadeye Ice Shot Bower League Start Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Dec,04,2019

In POE 3.9, Ice Shot is having its chilled ground removed, as changes to calculations of Chill and Shock will make it much easier to apply Chill to a target equivalent to the slow that was previously granted by Chilled Ground.

[PoE 3.9] Ranger Deadeye Tornado Shot League Start Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Dec,04,2019

In POE 3.9, Tornado Shot has been a ubiquitous bow skill for some time now, with its mechanics allowing both high single target damage and large area spread, while being very flexible in how it built. Eznpc Builder enjoys the rate and has been playing different variants of the MF Tornado shot for multiple leagues.

[POE 3.9] Strong as a League starter Arly Ice shot bower Deadeye Build

[POE 3.9] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By SynixProcessing] - Dec,03,2019

The goal of this build is to clear maps as fast as possible and be able to do guardian and Shaper level content. That is not a beginner-friendly build and not recommended if you have never played PoE before or never taken a character to at least level 90. This build can perform as a raider or a deadeye, but the latter chosen here. You should aim to get as much life as possible on every rare gear slot.

POE 3.8 Build - Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye - Magic Find Budget

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Sep,17,2019

This build, however, isn’t easily juiced a-la Big Streamer to use HH and Inspired Learning. I’ve been playing PoE for about two years now, and magic find is something I always return to once a league in various forms. This specific build I’ve geared in three different leagues and is a favorite of mine. I always run an MF character every league because I just keep coming back to the chill playstyle and the comfort that comes from running a bunch of maps at a low investment with tons of herald of ice shatters.

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