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About Deadeye

The Deadeye is an offense-oriented class that focuses on projectile damage and region of impact. This Class is naturally suited for bow attacks, but the majority of its modifiers apply to any projectile, meaning most projectile attacks (which include these fired from Wands) and a few spell projectiles also advantage from them.

Deadeye Builds

List the Path of Exile Deadeye Builds.

POE 3.8 Build - Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye - Magic Find Budget

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Sep,17,2019

This build, however, isn’t easily juiced a-la Big Streamer to use HH and Inspired Learning. I’ve been playing PoE for about two years now, and magic find is something I always return to once a league in various forms. This specific build I’ve geared in three different leagues and is a favorite of mine. I always run an MF character every league because I just keep coming back to the chill playstyle and the comfort that comes from running a bunch of maps at a low investment with tons of herald of ice shatters.

POE 3.8 Hot Build - Ice Shot Deadeye, Shaper Guide

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Sep,17,2019

Ice Shot has been buffed, making this build even more insane, and much easier as a league starter. This is a very simple explanation of how chaining works and can get you insane clears. The difference between +2 and +3 is more noticeable than +3 to +4 but will leave one standing now and then.

POE 3.8 Popular Build - Kinetic Blast Deadeye - Uber Elder Budget

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Sep,17,2019

In POE 3.8, Most of the time you run around throwing Kinetic Blasts and it does the job. For super tough bosses you will be using a 6L Barrage in a separate chest to effectively wipe them out in seconds. Kinetic Blast has been nerfed twice. The goal of the build was to create a tanky, high dps character capable to do ALL content, and not just silly currency farming. The basic goal was to achieve at least 1 million shaper dps on KB, but eventually, I surpassed it and now sitting on 2 million KB dps as well as almost 5 million for Barrage.

POE 3.8 Elemental Hit Deadeye, Magic Find, League Starter Build

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Sep,09,2019

This specific build I’ve geared in three different leagues and is a favorite of mine. Magic find is something I always return to once a league in various forms. The purpose of this character is for Magic Find Only. It can do all tiers with investment, including Eldered T16s, but like most MF, struggles with bosses. You can likely kill map bosses up to T10 or so, depending on your gear. The changes to Rares having more health make things a bit risky in Red maps, but it's still definitely doable with some gear changes.

POE 3.8 Deadeye - Lightning Arrow/Barrage Uber Elder, League Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Sep,04,2019

In Path of Exile 3.8, Lightning Arrow was always a popular choice for leveling, but rarely was it used in the end-game. I kind of fell in love with LA during my Kinetic Blast leveling process and decided I am gonna min-max it and push through Uber Elder and all content to see where "borders" are. This build does not struggle anywhere and just breezes through all content including Uber Elder and such.

POE 3.7 Deadeye Most Popular Build - Lightning Arrow/Barrage Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Ranger>Deadeye] [By u4npoe] - Aug,05,2019

Lightning Arrow was normally a preferred choice for leveling, but seldom was it used inside the end-game. I type of fell in enjoy with LA in the course of my Kinetic Blast leveling method (went from level 1 to 85 on LA) and decided I am gonna min-max it and push by means of Uber Elder and all content material to see exactly where "borders" are. Actually, they're nowhere to be seen!

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