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About Ascendant

The Ascendant delivers flexibility far more than any other class by allowing the player to take passives based on other Ascendancy classes. These passives offer comparable positive aspects representing the class's overall tree, but with mitigated effects. Only one Ascendancy class passive may take from every single base class.

Ascendant Builds

List the Path of Exile Ascendant Builds.

POE 3.8 Most Popular Cyclone + Discharge Ascendant Build

[POE 3.8] [Scion>Ascendant] [By u4npoe] - Sep,25,2019

You will find several approaches to play cast on crit at the moment, with unique spells frostbolt, ice nova, arc, and weapon and ascendancy possibilities. High base crit daggers with crafted 'Hits can't be evaded' and spell harm mods make it ensure that you do not even require Lycosidae or Assassin, and you can go for any ascendancy, But you lose the more proc from Cospri's. I wanted to play the old cast on crit discharge with Cospri's and not crafted daggers, and I didn't actually find any guides for ascendant that I liked so right here we are.

POE 3.8 Freeze Mine + Ice Spear Mine Ascendant League Starter Build

[POE 3.8] [Scion>Ascendant] [By u4npoe] - Sep,25,2019

This is my casual take on Icicle Mines not following any guides and just using the knowledge gathered in few leagues. Thus as a disclaimer, this guide would not be for everyone but more of an inspiration as to what could work. As 3.8 came out with new mines, Icicle mines seemed like a good AOE clear option due to the crit chance build up and in all honesty the sweet sweet sound of enemies shattering into million tiny pieces. As far as the build goes currently, it deals with any pack easily and effortlessly.

POE 3.8 CI Mjolner CoC Ball Lightning Ascendant Build

[POE 3.8] [Scion>Ascendant] [By u4npoe] - Sep,25,2019

In this build guide, I'd like to share my Scion build using Mjolner/CoC/ball lightning. This build can clear maps fast, deal with insane damage, and is tanky. Overall, this build is very strong, and I can recommend it to anyone who has some currency. I'm playing this build as Assassin in this patch. I feel Assassin is better than Scion for this build now because Assassin can get a lot of ms boost. The advantage of Scion is that she can get strength and dex easily. I will write a guide for the assassin version next weekend. Meanwhile, you can check my character stat if you are interested.

POE 3.8 Elemental Hit Ascendant Build - Uber Elder Guide

[POE 3.8] [Scion>Ascendant] [By u4npoe] - Sep,25,2019

In POE 3.8, Elemental Hit saw a huge revamp, and it has come to be a premiere potential for each MF and Bossing. The superb bossing has been shown by nine undertaking this quite impressive 2 minute Uber Elder Kill. Winds have shown the insane clearspeed of Elemental Hit with his Magic Locate Deadeye version from the developer. This guide is going to be the culmination of my research and presenting what I really feel would be the best all-around version of Elemental Hit for folks who desire to try the capacity out.

POE 3.8 Ice Dancing Queen - Cyclone/CI Ascendant Build

[POE 3.8] [Scion>Ascendant] [By u4npoe] - Sep,25,2019

In POE 3.8, This is a version of my Whispering Ice build for the Cyclone era. The main idea is to be super tanky and faceroll everything in your way without having to dodge almost anything. No boss is too hard, most are too easy. All maps with most any mods are a joke. I've been using this build to do 40/40 challenges on my own merit in many leagues, this is my go-to build to get things done. This build is based on The Whispering Ice unique staff.

POE 3.8 Ascendant - CI Charged Dash, Spirit Walker - League Starter Build

[POE 3.8] [Scion>Ascendant] [By u4npoe] - Sep,04,2019

In Path of Exile Blight league, I wanted to share my new creations with you. This build is Charged Dash Ascendant in the new session. This development is characterized by remarkable harm and large AoE. Having some practice in playing Charge Dash we are extremely mobile. We play CI with huge ES Leech. And Intellect, one of the most critical stat.

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