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About Saboteur

The Saboteur focuses on enhancing his traps and mines with utility bonuses as opposed to straight damage or vital strike increases. This class also expands on blind as an offensive and defensive mechanic.

Saboteur Builds

List the Path of Exile Saboteur Builds.

Popular POE 3.8 Icicle Mine Saboteur Friendly Budget

[POE 3.8] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By u4npoe] - Sep,10,2019

This build is my first try to write another simple build guide and any criticism is welcome. First of all, I decided to play SSF in Blight league and beat Uber Elder for the first time on my own. Therefore the build has to be a bosskiller but doesn't suck at general map clearing, so I end up by playing a trapper once again but change from arc to ice trap instead since it is buffed massively in terms of number.

Latest POE 3.8 Saboteur - Glacial Cascade, Fast, Friendly Budget

[POE 3.8] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By u4npoe] - Sep,10,2019

This build focuses on using Glacial Cascade depending on the situation. Glacial Cascade is a strong map clearer and also kills bosses with ease up to tier 16 guardians where we also get help from flamethrower traps to burn them within seconds. You can actually kill everything including Shaper without flamethrower traps but they are just too powerful so you wouldn’t want to miss the fun. This build is capable of clearing every end game content deathless including Uber Elder if you know what you are doing.

POE 3.8 Arc Saboteur Build - Friendly, League Starter Budget

[POE 3.8] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By u4npoe] - Sep,10,2019

Hello all and welcome to my Arc mine guide, a build that utilizes one of the strongest spells in the game, arc, with mines. In Path of Exile, Arc Trapper every league because it just feels so great for me to just throw things on the ground and wait for Arc to kill those mobs for me! So im creating this build because I was successful at killing Uber Elder and This build is a Balanced approach on the game to make sure you are able to finish all content.

POE 3.8 Arc Spear Mines Saboteur - Beginner Friendly Build

[POE 3.8] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By u4npoe] - Sep,06,2019

Welcome to my arc mine guide, this build that utilizes one of the strongest spells in the game, arc, with mines. There are several benefits to using mines with arc rather than self casting or with totems, some being the fact that they have a much higher dps output and you aren't stunning yourself while casting for nearly as long, but we will go into that later. This build is the jack of all trades. It can do every map mod, the boss has decently fast clear, and is extremely cheap.

Most Popular POE 3.7 Build - Saboteur Chaos Glacial Cascade Mine, Fast, Safe Clear Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By u4npoe] - Jul,29,2019

This is Popular Build - Saboteur, Chaos Glacial Cascade Mine, Fast and Safe Clear, So if you have doubts about this build, come to this topic and ask your questions in Portuguese, I will respond to them in the best way possible!

POE 3.7 Lightning Trapper Saboteur Build Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Saboteur] [By u4npoe] - Jul,02,2019

Lightning Spire Trap Lightning Spire Trap is your big cooldown trap, a very powerful trap that destroys tougher foes. It also gains increased critical chance against Shocked enemies, the same way Lightning Trap does. This is why using Vaal Lightning Trap Vaal Lightning Trap against bosses is very important since it leaves Shocked ground, which allows you to Shock even endgame bosses.

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