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About Trickster

The Trickster is a versatile hybrid class that mixes high speed, maneuverability, and slippery defenses. It is well-suited for Shadows that deal harm more than time, as Swift Killer and Patient Reaper each grant substantial enhancements to damage more than time effects. Swift Killer also allows a reliable method to create Power and Frenzy charges while escalating the maximum of both. Ghost Dance and Shade Type provide dominant hybrid defenses while additional rising the Trickster's speed. Finally, Weave the Arcane and Stroll the Aether grant bursts of mana and rate, respectively.

Trickster Builds

List the Path of Exile Trickster Builds.

Hottest POE 3.7 Trickster Build - Tanky Triggering Detailed Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Trickster] [By u4npoe] - Jul,30,2019

I've in no way played a Mjolnir construct before and wanted to offer it a go. I flew by means of content material killing shaper on day 2 obtaining truly enjoyable with it. I went hybrid to obtain a greater EHP total and sustain by means of several sources of recovery. I ended up working with a glorious vanity jewel for a simple ES boost.

Most Popular POE 3.7 Trickster Build - Divine Ire, High Shaper Damage Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Trickster] [By u4npoe] - Jul,29,2019

This build is expensive and not a league starter. This build is Trickster Divine Ire Guide and this build has 32 Million Shaper Damage, Fast and Speed Clear, Flick of the Finger Obliterator.

Poe 3.7 Cheap & Fast Leveling Trickster Build with Orb of Storms

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Trickster] [By u4npoe] - Jul,15,2019

Poe Orb of Storms can do a whole lot! Even made a darkness fossil Poe Currency farmer, It might do all of the Guardians and Shaper/Elder may take a bit kiting. You can commence making use of this gem from level (4) which we appreciate. Just scale cast speed/Crit chance early on.

Smoother, Faster and Honestly Poe 3.7 Trickster Build with Essence Drain

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Trickster] [By Ghazzy] - Jul,15,2019

The choice between the two abilities comes down to personal preference, and some enjoy to cast Essence Drain and spread it by having a Contagion cast before you use ED. However, I felt that the approach of using Bane was smoother, faster, and honestly, better in all ways.

POE 3.7 Trickster - Essence Drain+Bane, Best Clear Speed - Most Popular League Starter

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Trickster] [By u4npoe] - Jun,20,2019

This build is ED+Bane Build on 3.7 Legion Content since this is currently the second most popular skill for the league. As everyone figured would be the case, this skill combo absolutely wrecks the league mechanic. It’s not quite as strong in the multiple army emblem encounters as it is in the map monoliths, but combined with being a strong/cheap league starter, it’s a great all-around choice.

High Damage Output PoE 3.7 Blight Build for Trickster

[Poe 3.7] [Shadow>Trickster] [By u4npoe] - Jun,12,2019

Poe Blight is shorter ranged and thus less consistent against mobile enemies. It also requires the use of a threshold jewel to be worth using, taking a slot that would otherwise be more EHP. In exchange, it provides a stronger hinder and significant extra damage when you can apply it

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