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About Guardian

Guardians are a healthy selection for tank/support Templars committed to partying, possessing passives with an emphasis on enhancing and safeguarding a celebration. Guardians can specialize in Auras, granting up to 4 more one of a kind and energetic defensive auras to their party. Also, they have passives that protect and boost allies in quantity of other ways. Even as a solo character, Guardians themselves can benefit from its choice of defensive passives, or use their auras and buffs to command an army of minions.

Guardian Builds

List the Path of Exile Guardian Builds.

Hottest POE 3.7 Guardian Build - Vortex, Mana, Physical Damage Reduction, High DPS Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Guardian] [By u4npoe] - Jul,30,2019

Does your existing develop leave you asking yourself if probably Cast on Death / Portal may possibly be a great concept? Do you prioritize choosing up loot more than finishing off mob packs? Are you currently just tired of dying, but still choose to be capable of do all the content inside a reasonable time frame? Would you prefer to have the ability to stand in that nasty red AoE in the Legion mobs?

POE 3.7 Guardian - Most Popular Build For Righteous Fire Guide

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Guardian] [By u4npoe] - Jun,29,2019

This build achieves extreme amounts of Energy Shield, Armour, and Maximum Resistances, which allows you to land smooth and safe kills on endgame bosses. The build is also not recommended for beginner players since it requires some game knowledge and specific items and gem setups in order to work.

Cheap Poe 3.7 Herald of Agony League Starter Guardian Build

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Guardian] [By u4npoe] - May,31,2019

This Build can quickly clear maps up to 16 on a budget. The two uniques you seriously will need cost one chaos Orb right after the very first couple of days of a league. On the other hand, This Build produced quite a little currency in the memory nexus and delved as This Build progressed.

  • 273289.14
  • 2
  • 546578.29
  • 13759.82
  • 546578.29
  • 5062
  • 50.62
  • 961.78

Latest, POE 3.6 Guardian Low Life Righteous Build

[Poe 3.6] [Templar>Guardian] [By Boomshakalakaring] - May,21,2019

I wanted to try a different approach to RF after playing a lot of jugg RF, the way this all is done may not be the best way as you can't use movement skills or any other skill apart from CWDT and RF. Saying that I'm having a lot of fun with it and also it's great for getting used to flask management from someone who tends to neglect them.

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