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About Hierophant

The Hierophant bargains and takes harm in unconventional methods rather than in a straightforward way. Hierophants can use totems correctly and possess the capability to summon two added totems, at the expense of much less damage per Totem. Also, they function nicely with builds that make use of high amounts of Mana by converting it into defensive bonuses. Templars who rely on multiple skills can take Illuminated Devotion to improve numerous Skills with a single of 3 powerful effects.

Hierophant Builds

List the Path of Exile Hierophant Builds.

POE 3.7 Most Popular Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems Build

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Hierophant] [By u4npoe] - Jun,28,2019

This is my Freezing Pulse Totem Guide for the Hierophant. Two changes in 3.7 made me explore Freezing Pulse again for Spell Totem: the fix for Freezing Pulse getting blocked by doorways and other simple environmental objects, and the addition of the "Sanctum of Thought" passive skill tree notable which allows for us to easily get 100% reduced effect of Curses on ourselves.

High-speed map clear Poe 3.7 Hierophant Build with Storm Brand

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Hierophant] [By fatfat664] - Jun,20,2019

This Build Playstyle is stupidly easy. You play brands and run around pressing Brand recall near enemies while everything dies. Since you have to place brands for dps, makes dodging a lot easier for tougher bosses. Hiero gives a lot of QoL as Perma arcane surge while going EB, elemental status immunity, some spell leech, and faster brand recall. That being said, Inquisitor or Elementalist are probably better options for damage.

POE 3.7 Hierophant- Armageddon Tank - Budget Starter League Build

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Hierophant] [By Drakaian] - Jun,05,2019

This build runs circles around Uber Elder! That's it, the entire goal of this character is to farm Uber Elder. I'm a pleb, and a lot of other builds don't work for me. If you've tried builds that have in the title, but yet you fail, this is the build for you! This build has good Clear Speed and can do most all content.

Poe 3.7 Glacial Cascade Friendly Starter League Build for Hierophant

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Hierophant] [By u4npoe] - Jun,05,2019

That is a friendly starter league Build. It can do Any map mod and kill Any boss, Leveling, mapping, and progressing the Build feels smooth. No uniques items are essential as this Build is exceptional for a league begin

Cheap PoE 3.7 Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Starter Build

[Poe 3.7] [Templar>Hierophant] [By u4npoe] - May,31,2019

This build runs flame dash and spot totems preemptively. You do not want to jump straight into a sizable pack of mobs ahead of freezing them. When we want far more DPS, we can cast Frostbomb and Projectile Weakness to get an enormous harm increase. Together with the Mind of Matter keystone plus the Divine Guidance ascendancy, 40% of our Harm is taken from mana just before life. This implies we optimally wish to possess a Life/Mana ratio of about 60/40.

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