Best Way to Get Poe Builds With Path of Exile Items

About Poe Items

A one of a kind item is an item with a particular name, unique artwork, in addition to a predetermined list of modifiers. Exceptional items have the same implicit modifier as a typical item of the same variety. Extraordinary items are meant to become significantly less strong all round than rare high-level items, but offer unique gameplay and permit unique character builds to grow based on them.

Poe Weapons Items

List the Top Poe Weapons Items Used For Poe Builds.

Dread Spell - Abyssal Sceptre

Dusk Breaker - Tyrant's Sekhem

Oro's Sacrifice - Infernal Sword

Sorrow Sanctuary - Titanium Spirit Shield

Carrion Spell - Opal Wand

Aegis Aurora - Champion Kite Shield

Ephemeral Edge - Dusk Blade

Havoc Sever - Abyssal Axe

Grelwood Shank - Eternal Sword

Lioneye's Remorse - Pinnacle Tower Shield

Ngamahu's Flame - Abyssal Axe

Rapture Gnarl - Carnal Sceptre

Cataclysm Weaver - Thorium Spirit Shield

Honour Guide - Thicket Bow

Loath Bite - Spike-Point Arrow Quiver

Grim Pile - Serpentine Staff

Starforge - Infernal Sword

Glyph Song - Karui Sceptre

Corpse Gnarl - Karui Sceptre

Phoenix Needle - Tornado Wand

Poe Accessories Items

List the Top Poe Accessories Items Used For Poe Builds.

Blood Crown - Hubris Circlet

Demon Charm - Onyx Amulet

Pain Eye - Iron Ring

Woe Thread - Stygian Vise

Atziri's Step - Slink Boots

Pyre - Sapphire Ring

Soul Eye - Two-Stone Ring

Plague Bond - Stygian Vise

Dream Fragments - Sapphire Ring

Oblivion Road - Titan Greaves

Soul Veil - Nightmare Bascinet

Havoc Charm - Agate Amulet

Call of the Brotherhood - Two-Stone Ring

Chimeric Strap - Stygian Vise

Sin Trek - Stealth Boots

Brood Halo - Hubris Circlet

Eye of Chayula - Onyx Amulet

Ghoul Eye - Opal Ring

Astramentis - Onyx Amulet

Loath Shackle - Crystal Belt

Poe Armour Items

List the Top Poe Armour Items Used For Poe Builds.

Plague Salvation - Blood Raiment

Kaom's Heart - Glorious Plate

Incandescent Heart - Saintly Chainmail

Dire Curtain - Glorious Plate

Daresso's Defiance - Full Dragonscale

Ambu's Charge - Crusader Chainmail

Carcass Jack - Varnished Coat

Queen of the Forest - Destiny Leather

Vis Mortis - Necromancer Silks

Shavronne's Wrappings - Occultist's Vestment

Atziri's Splendour - Sacrificial Garb

Loreweave - Elegant Ringmail

Spirit Shell - Commander's Brigandine

Zombie's Skin - Astral Plate

Tabula Rasa - Simple Robe

Bronn's Lithe - Cutthroat's Garb

Foe Ward - Dragonscale Doublet

Inpulsa's Broken Heart - Sadist Garb

Gloom Guardian - Holy Chainmail

Maelstrom Mantle - Vaal Regalia

Poe Flasks Items

List the Top Poe Flasks Items Used For Poe Builds.

Panicked Hallowed Hybrid Flask of Heat

Atziri's Promise - Amethyst Flask

Dying Sun - Ruby Flask

Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of Warding

Ample Diamond Flask of Staunching

Panicked Divine Life Flask of Dousing

The Wise Oak - Bismuth Flask

Chemist's Sulphur Flask of Grounding

Chemist's Silver Flask of Warding

Experimenter's Diamond Flask of Staunching

Chemist's Basalt Flask of Warding

Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

Bottled Faith - Sulphur Flask

Avenger's Sapphire Flask of Heat

Avenger's Jade Flask of Warding

Avenger's Ruby Flask of Dousing

Avenger's Granite Flask of Grounding

Avenger's Topaz Flask of Staunching

Panicked Sanctified Mana Flask of Staunching

Experimenter's Basalt Flask of Staunching

Poe Jewels Items

List the Top Poe Jewels Items Used For Poe Builds.

Inspired Learning - Crimson Jewel

Hollow Arbiter - Hypnotic Eye Jewel

Eagle Cut - Cobalt Jewel

Honour Essence - Crimson Jewel

Watcher's Eye - Prismatic Jewel

Chimeric Joy - Crimson Jewel

Spirit Eye - Viridian Jewel

Cataclysm Spark - Viridian Jewel

Empyrean Solace - Crimson Jewel

Honour Desire - Cobalt Jewel

Hypnotic Desire - Crimson Jewel

Armageddon Ornament - Crimson Jewel

Maelstrom Solace - Cobalt Jewel

Unnatural Instinct - Viridian Jewel

Armageddon Vessel - Cobalt Jewel

Hollow Arbiter - Ghastly Eye Jewel

Pandemonium Heart - Cobalt Jewel

Foul Gaze - Searching Eye Jewel

Morbid Vision - Ghastly Eye Jewel

Grim Stare - Searching Eye Jewel

Poe Gems Items

List the Top Poe Gems Items Used For Poe Builds.

Winter Orb

Cold to Fire Support

Fire Penetration Support

Added Cold Damage Support

Infused Channelling Support

Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Phase Run

Vaal Righteous Fire

Increased Duration Support

Arcane Surge Support


Herald of Ash

Purity of Elements

Summon Stone Golem

Combustion Support

Wave of Conviction

Vaal Blade Vortex

Physical to Lightning Support

Concentrated Effect Support

Elemental Focus Support