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About Basic - Ruby Ring

Rarity: RARE

Ruby Ring
Crafted: true
Prefix: {range:0.028}IncreasedLife6
Prefix: None
Prefix: None
Suffix: {range:0.028}FireResist5
Suffix: {range:0.056}LightningResist5
Suffix: {range:0.437}Strength5
Quality: 0
LevelReq: 39
Implicits: 1
{range:1}+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
+30 to Strength
+60 to maximum Life
+30% to Fire Resistance
+30% to Lightning Resistance
{crafted}{range:0.5}Adds (10-12) to (14-16) Cold Damage
{crafted}{range:0.5}Adds 1 to (21-24) Lightning Damage