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About BiS Ring 2 - Vermillion Ring

Rarity: RARE

BiS Ring 2
Vermillion Ring
Shaper Item
Crusader Item
Crafted: true
Prefix: {range:1}IncreasedLife7
Prefix: {range:1}IncreasedLifeLeechRateInfluence3
Prefix: {range:1}GlobalEnergyShieldPercentInfluence3
Suffix: {range:1}SpellDamageRingUber3__
Suffix: {range:1}LightningResist8
Suffix: None
Catalyst: Fertile
CatalystQuality: 20
Quality: 0
LevelReq: 80
Implicits: 1
{tags:life}{range:1}(5-7)% increased maximum Life
35% increased Spell Damage
15% increased maximum Energy Shield
+94 to maximum Life
+48% to Lightning Resistance
60% increased total Recovery per second from Life Leech
{tags:critical}{custom}{range:1}+(21-25)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier