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About New Item - Coral Ring

Rarity: RARE

New Item
Coral Ring
Crafted: true
Prefix: {range:0.901}IncreasedLife6
Prefix: {range:1}ItemFoundRarityIncreasePrefix2
Prefix: None
Suffix: {range:0.085}AllResistances5
Suffix: {range:0.944}LightningResist6
Suffix: {range:0.141}FireResist7
Quality: 0
LevelReq: 57
Implicits: 1
{range:0.5}+(20-30) to maximum Life
+68 to maximum Life
18% increased Rarity of Items found
+15% to all Elemental Resistances
+42% to Fire Resistance
+41% to Lightning Resistance
{custom}{range:0.5}Minions have (27-30)% increased Movement Speed