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About Holy Flame Totem

Holy Flame Totem

Totem, Spell, Projectile, Fire, Channelling, PhysicalMana Cost: (11-39)Cast Time: 0.25 secCritical Strike Chance: 5.00%Damage Effectiveness: 30%Projectile Speed: 750
Requires Level 4
Summons a totem that channels to fire a stream of flame at nearby enemies, and creates an area of consecrated ground around the totem.
Per 1% Quality:1% increased Projectile Speed
Totem lasts 8 secondsDeals (3-134) to (5-202) Physical DamageFires 2 additional Projectiles50% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire DamageSummons a Totem which uses the Supported SkillProjectiles Pierce all TargetsConsecrated Ground grants Immunity to Curses to you and Allies
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.