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About Vaal Impurity of Fire

Vaal Impurity of Fire

Aura, Vaal, Spell, AoE, Duration, FireSouls Per Use: 50 (N) / Can Store 1 Use(s)Can Store 1 Use(s)Soul Gain Prevention: 8.000 secCooldown Time: 0.50 sec
Requires Level 24
Casts an aura that reduces fire damage taken and provides ignite immunity to you and nearby allies, and makes hits against nearby enemies ignore their fire resistance.
Per 1% Quality:1% increased Area of Effect
25% less Fire Damage taken+(14-20) to radiusBase duration is 3 secondsYou and nearby allies are Immune to IgniteNearby Enemies' Fire Resistance is Ignored by HitsModifiers to Skill Effect Duration also apply to this Skill's Soul Gain Prevention(0-76)% increased effect of AuraCorrupted
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.