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About Vaal Lightning Trap

Vaal Lightning Trap

Trap, Vaal, Spell, Projectile, Duration, LightningSouls Per Use: 20 (N) / Can Store 3 Use(s)Soul Gain Prevention: 6.000 secCast Time: 1.00 secCritical Strike Chance: 6.00%Damage Effectiveness: 135%
Requires Level 12
Throws a trap that launches a ring of projectiles through the enemy that set it off, dealing lightning damage to them and subsequent targets and leaving a trail of shocking ground.
Per 1% Quality:Shocked Ground causes 0.25% increased Damage taken
Deals (18-466) to (54-1399) Lightning DamageTrap lasts 4 secondsFires 8 additional ProjectilesBase duration is 4 secondsShocked Ground causes 15% increased Damage takenFires 0 Projectiles in a NovaThrows a Trap which uses this Skill when TriggeredProjectiles leave Shocking GroundProjectiles Pierce all TargetsModifiers to Skill Effect Duration also apply to this Skill's Soul Gain PreventionCorrupted
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.