Useful Website List for Path of exile Beginners


In This Page, You can Find some useful links for Poe Builds, Path of Exile News, and some useful guides for Poe Currency Farming. If you are a beginners this website can help you enjoy the path of exile


1. PoE Wiki - Your place to go for any questions about the game, no matter if mechanics, item-related or whatever else.

2. PoeDB - Useful to look up data mined data such as enemy stats and stuff.

3. - Most popular shop indexer, use it to buy gear or price-check rare gear. 

5. - Use this site for price checks. Keep in mind that rolls can profoundly affect the value of uniques with significant variables.

6. Prelab - Shows the current Labyrinth layouts, services, and other relevant stuff.

7. Aura Planner - a Helpful tool to work out your aura setup when creating a new build.

8. Vorici Calculator - Tells you the average of Chrome needed to recolor your gear to desired colors.